Welcome to EasyMAP
    EasyMAP is a convenient 16S ribosomal DNA analysis platform. You could upload your 16S sequence data to EasyMAP and finish your analysis step-by-step in a convenient way.
    Currently, the analysis content includes quality control, taxonomy assignment, microbial composition, alpha diversity, beta diversity, taxnomy differential abundance analysis, and microbial functional prediction.
    If you are new to EasyMAP, please remember to view the tutorial document. The "Quick run" chapters will guide you to learn how to operate EasyMAP. Hope EasyMAP could help your research and thanks for using EasyMAP.

    If EasyMAP helps your study. Here is the citation of EasyMAP: Hung, Y. M., Lu, T. P., Tsai, M. H., Lai, L. C., & Chuang, E. Y. (2021). EasyMAP: A user-friendly online platform for analyzing 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing data. New Biotechnology, 63, 37-44.
1. EasyMAP will remove the sequence files and classifier files upload to EasyMAP for more than 21 days. But the analysis results will still keep in the projects so that you can access your results.

2. EasyMAP will remove the projects that stop working for more than 30 days. We suggest the users download their analysis results each time after they finish analysis task.